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Hello everyone! My real name is Viktoria Shlenskaya. I'm from Moscow, Russia. This is my Simblr. I make photos with my sims and interiors and custom content only for The Sims 2, which you can find here and in my blog on blogspot. I hope you'll enjoy and like it :)

look with Roxette

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this skirt is wonderful you did a really good job ❤❤
thank you so muuuuch! i’m very glad that you like it^^
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Love the Skirts Thanks so much! :)
you are very welcome! <3

I finished 630+ followers gift! It includes clothing and hair retextures.

Download (3.56 MB)

Enjoy and thanks for following me! <3

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Of course I always create simple stuffs so I am not bothered to see how people manage to create their own simple things, and it’s always better than a too much photoshopped pix, there is less failed .
I don’t like an intense photo editing either. I think that such photos in The Sims 2 less belong to the game.
better to create simple things that too much surrealistic ones.
I think so too. Maybe it’s really better :)
She’s beautiful, love her face !
Thanks a lot <3

I had no time to do something which more unusual.

volcinska :  Hey do you mind telling me from where is Ashley's kitchen set and chairs? thank you & I love your creations :) xxx

Hello! Set is by Holy Simoly and can be found here. Chairs are here :)

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