Melana Horwitz
Hello everyone! My real name is Viktoria Shlenskaya. I'm from Moscow, Russia. This is my Simblr. I make photos with my sims and interiors and custom content only for The Sims 2, which you can find here and in my blog on blogspot. I hope you'll enjoy and like it :)

Hello everyone! I almost finish my new followers gift (now I have already more than 500 followers, thank you guys <3) but yet I can’t to upload it and I think I will upload it next week and new posts from me also will be in a few days!

I’m very glad that you like it! :)
loeilestdieu replied to your photo:Grace Hill.
So pretty *-* <3
Thank you so much! <3

Grace Hill.

Livingroom again. I made it just about week ago.

Anonymous :  Where can I find the "dots" between her eyebrows? /post/96258241373. Thank you.

Hello! It’s the piersing by Blackfairy and can be found here.

loeilestdieu replied to your photo:
What a cutie *-*!
Thank you! I’m very glad that you like her <3
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Thank you <3
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