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Hello everyone! My real name is Viktoria Shlenskaya. I'm from Moscow, Russia. This is my Simblr. I make photos with my sims and interiors and custom content only for The Sims 2, which you can find here and in my blog on blogspot. I hope you'll enjoy and like it :)
eir-sims :  //I just wanted to thank you a LOT for answering the wcifs! Your tumblr is very inspiring, and I love your taste of interior and furnishing. I`m from Norway, so a lot of the interior is reminding me of how my bedroom looks, haha! You dont know where you got the pillow in the chair in this post? /post/91245929568 And I have to tell you that your simblr is one of my favorites ^^

Oh, thank you so much! Your simblr is one of my favorites too :) The pillow is by Thesimsqueen and can be found here. And I’m from Russia, but I interested in several other countries and I like Scandinavian countries, so interiors that I do are in this style^^

eir-sims :  //Oh, this is what I wrote on the second: I really like the style of your interior, and was wondering if you know where I can find the hanging lamp, the recolor of buggybooz chair, and the sloped roof from this post? /post/91245929568 :))

The hanging lamp can be found here, the recolor of chair is here and the sloped roof is here c:

It is awesome! wcif the desk, the trashcans and the plant on the desk?
Thank you! The desk and the trashcans are here and the plant is here :)

New scandinavian interior :)

Hello everyone! Now I have small update for you!^^ I learned recoloring custom objects and decided to create new followers gift - 4 paintings with geometric art prints on OM’s mesh. Art prints are from Mesh by OM is included, and swatch is included too. I hope you’ll like these paintings :) And thank you for following me and for likes! Enjoy!

Download (182.32 KB)

latenitewithjimmyneutron :  omg, your custom content is amazing!!! * 0* thank you so much for doing what you're doing <3 because I haven't had TS2 for a couple of years. now that I have the ultimate collection, I really need to rebuild my collection of cc. ^- ^

Oh, thank you sooo muuuch! You’re very welcome! I’m very glad to read it :)

Hi! This is new followers gift :) It includes 8 separated T-shirts, 1 dress, 3 bottoms and 1 glasses. Textures are by me. Meshes are by SK, Mel, Kalynn, MissTiikeri, Prida and Martini. Thank you so much for following me, reblogging my posts and for likes! Enjoy!

Download (3.37 MB)

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