Melana Horwitz
Hello everyone! My real name is Viktoria Shlenskaya. I'm from Moscow, Russia. This is my Simblr. I make photos with my sims and interiors and custom content only for The Sims 2, which you can find here and in my blog on blogspot. I hope you'll enjoy and like it :)

Hi! This is new followers gift :) It includes 8 separated T-shirts, 1 dress, 3 bottoms and 1 glasses. Textures are by me. Meshes are by SK, Mel, Kalynn, MissTiikeri, Prida and Martini. Thank you so much for following me, reblogging my posts and for likes! Enjoy!

Download (3.37 MB)

Hi! Here’s my house in Swedish style, about which I already wrote here. I hope you’ll enjoy and like this house. Here’s information about it :)

Lot size: 2x2

Lot price: §54.525

Number of bedrooms: 2

Number of bathrooms: 1

You need Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer to install this house.

Download (217.32 MB)

living room.

New sim <3

I really like interiors in scandinavian style.


omgsims2 :  i love your blog can't stop going through the pages!

Thank you so much! I’m very happy that you love it!

Hi! Recently I decided to create a furnished house. I think, I’ll upload it in a few days.

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