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Hello everyone! My real name is Viktoria Shlenskaya. I'm from Moscow, Russia. This is my Simblr. I make photos with my sims and interiors and custom content only for The Sims 2, which you can find here and in my blog on blogspot. I hope you'll enjoy and like it :)

Ashley again :)

*drools* wow, this is really nice! <3
Thank you so muuuch! <3
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OMG Love but where can I find that hair?
I’m sorry, I retextured this hair specially for my sim Grace and will not upload it. If I’m not mistaken, original hair is by Bunhead and can be found here.

Yesterday I decided to start to building Ashley’s apartment and decorated while one room, it’s bedroom. Maybe, when I will finish this house, I’ll even upload it!

gimmesims replied to your photoset:Grace^^
She is so gorgeous ;-;
Thaaaank you! <3


wendladarlings :  How'd you get your sims to look so good??? <3 I got TS2 and the sims without CC look borderline creepy

Hello and thank you! At first my sims and photos looked so too :) I advice you to download cc, to customize smoothing and if you want you can download realistic lighting, which I didn’t download.

loeilestdieu replied to your photo:Ashley <3
She’s a babe *w* <3
Haha, thank you! :D
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